Successful Approaches to Grazing

Posted: 6th December 2018

Despite the heavy rain in Devon yesterday, fifty farmers attended two sessions of the 'Successful Approaches to Grazing' field discussions hosted by ...

Three Years of Soil Farmer of the Year 

Posted: 14th November 2018

Cotswold Seeds has been proudly sponsoring the UK Soil Farmer of the Year award since it was launched three years ago. The aim of this competition, founded by the Farm Carbon Cutting Toolkit (FCCT) and Innovation for Agriculture, is to celebrate farmers who are managing their soils in a way that ...

2018 Organic Congress

Posted: 5th November 2018

Ian and Sam are both speaking at the Organic Congress next week. This event is organised jointly by leading organic organisations, including the Organic Research Centre and the Soil Association. The workshop/discussion on ‘Coping strategies for livestock farmers under climate change,’ ...

Testing, Testing, Testing Soil

Posted: 25th October 2018

The quieter winter months, when autumn sowing season is over, is the perfect time to take samples to test your soil health to make sure the baseline pH levels and nutrients are correct for optimum growth and productivity next spring. A laboratory such as NRM (

Filming Cover Crops

Posted: 22nd October 2018

Filming cover crops near Wantage last week for a First Hand case study for next year. Brassica species provide early growth, with an understory of winter cereals & IRG. It's all about soil improvement through carbon capture, building organic matter and over winter sheep ...

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