What’s On @ FarmED: Spring/Summer 2023

Posted: 21st February 2023

What’s On @ FarmED : Spring/Summer 2023

The FarmED Programme for 2023 includes a wide range of courses, workshops and events that inspire, educate and connect people to build sustainable farming and food systems that nourish people and regenerate the planet. All take place in our beautiful eco buildings at the heart of our demonstration farm in the Evenlode Valley. Delicious and nutritious refreshments are freshly prepared in the FarmED kitchen. *Further events will be added to the programme throughout the year. 


Friday Farm Walk & Lunch - Most Fridays 

Explore Honeydale Farm on an inspiring and informative guided farm walk, led by Founder, Ian Wilkinson or a member of the FarmED team. You’ll visit the meadows, heritage orchard, kitchen garden, natural flood management, woodland and other areas and hear about all that’s been going on at the farm. At the end of the walk there’ll be a delicious and nutritious lunch freshly prepared in the FarmED kitchen.

Carbon Clinic - March 27th  

Get your carbon questions answered as we delve into the world of carbon calculators, net zero, soil organic carbon and carbon credits.  Get expert advice from Becky Willson on how to measure, understand and act on emissions and improve your business resilience.

Herbal Ley Establishment & Management - March 28th & June 13th

Join us for a one day course on Herbal Leys Establishment and Management brought to you by the FarmED team and Cotswolds Seeds. A herbal ley is a complex seed mixture of grasses, legumes and herbs, which bring a range of benefits to forage, livestock health and soil fertility. Herbal leys can often include a mixture of up to 17 species, and can be incorporated into arable, livestock or horticultural operations with multiple benefits including building soil fertility and improving water resilience, to fostering better animal health and boosting biodiversity. Herbal leys are a traditional low-input method of farming that provides benefits to arable, livestock and horticultural operations alike.

Silent Earth: Averting the Insect Apocalypse: An Evening with Dave Goulson - March 30th

FarmED is delighted to welcome Dave Goulson for an eye-opening and thought-provoking evening. Dave will reveal to us the shocking and potentially catastrophic decline of insect populations in recent decades, as documented in his recently published Silent Earth. Dave will also present us with ways in which we can tackle this crisis, first by turning our gardens and urban green spaces into oases for life, and second by fundamentally changing the way in which we grow our food.

Holistic Management - April - September (12 Days)

FarmED is working with 3LM, The Savory Network Hub in the UK and Ireland, to deliver 12 days of comprehensive holistic management training in 2023.

This training is ideal for pioneering farmers, land managers and advisers with a passion for regenerative agriculture. We are running the training over four three-day blocks in 2023. We will first introduce the fundamentals of holistic management before we explore the concepts of land planning and ecological monitoring, holistic planned grazing and financial planning.

  • Course 1: Holistic Management Fundamentals (17th - 19th April 2023)
  • Course 2: Holistic Financial Planning (5th - 7th June 2023)
  • Course 3: Holistic Planned Grazing (24th - 26th July 2023)
  • Course 4: Holistic Ecological Monitoring and Land Planning (25th - 27th September 2023)

Rural Enterprise for Beginners - April 5th

Are you thinking about starting a rural business or developing a farm diversification project? Do you need help with your business model, business plan, route to market, marketing, fundraising and finance? Got an idea but not sure where to start and how to launch? This course will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to take your next enterprising steps.  

Bliss on Toast: An evening with Prue Leith - April 13th

We are delighted to welcome Prue Leith to FarmED for what promises to be an enlightening, informative and mouth-watering evening! Join us for an evening in conversation with Prue Leith, where Sally Pullen, FarmED’s Operations Manager, will ask Prue about her life and her most recent book, Bliss on Toast and how she got on with her One Woman Show. This will be followed by an audience Q&A. Afterwards there will be a chance to tuck into a selection of tasty toast recipes from the book, freshly prepared in the FarmED kitchen.

An Introduction to Care Farming - April 26th

Care farming is the use of farming practices to support individuals with education, health or social care outcomes through purposeful work, outdoor activities and social interactions.


An Evening with Wildfarmed and Andy Cato - April 27th

Meet local farmer, Groove Armada DJ and founder of Wildfarmed, Andy Cato. Hear about his regenerative farming journey, the Wildfarmed Growers Community and flour, and his work to enhance biodiversity and soil health through low input and diverse cropping.

Quick Drawings of Birds Workshop - May 12th

ArtWeeks at FarmED: Join local artist Jill Colchester to learn to draw birds quickly, in a matter of seconds. 

Farm & Food Literature Festival - May 13th

Join us for the second Farm & Food Literature Festival, co-curated with Chelsea Green Publishing. Expect inspirational talks and debates from a dazzling line-up which includes: Lynn Cassells, as seen on BBC 2’s This Farming Life; best-selling naturalist Stephen Moss; Claire Ratinon - an organic food grower and writer who has worked in a range of roles including growing produce for the Ottolenghi restaurant, Rovi and James Strawbridge - award-winning celebrity chef, TV presenter and sustainable living expert.

Artist's Book Workshop - May 19th

ArtWeeks at FarmED: Join Ruth Shaw-Williams in this session as she teaches how to make a folded book from one sheet of paper.

Natural Paint Making Workshop - May 20th

ArtWeeks at FarmED: Join local artist Carol Harvey to learn how to make natural paints from soil and plants.

Tetra - pak carton drypoint etching workshop - May 22nd

ArtWeeks at FarmED: Join Judith Yarrow to create a wild flower drypoint etching, using recycled Tetra Pak cartons and a tabletop etching press.

How to set up a Care Farm  - May 23rd

Care farming is the use of farming practices to support individuals with education, health or social care outcomes through purposeful work, outdoor activities and social interactions.

Bioindicators: What can weeds teach us? - May 30th 

What is a weed? We generally think of it as the wrong plant in the wrong place. But what if we viewed these plants as bioindicators that can inform us about soil health or management practices? Join us for a practical workshop to learn what weeds can teach us…

Facilitation and Leadership in Sustainable Farming and Food -  May 31st, June 14, 19th July 

Learn new individual, team and project management skills. Be effective and deliver more for our planet and communities.

Orchard Design - June 8th

Join Andy Howard from the Heritage Fruit Tree Co for a hands-on event to learn the basics of designing an orchard. Attendees will gain the knowledge, theory, skills and insight necessary to plan and plant an orchard whether as an individual or as a start up community orchard group.

Fruit Tree Maintenance - June 9th

Join Andy Howard from The Heritage Fruit Tree Co. for a theoretical and practical hands-on event. You'll learn all the essential tasks and when to do them to keep your orchard well maintained.

Managing Horse Pastures for Biodiversity - June 19th

Want to know more about the health benefits of species-rich grasslands? Interested in maximising the positive impact that your equine businesses has on landscape and biodiversity? This one day workshop will include guest speakers, case studies, a farm walk and local field visit.

Two Day - Dry Stone Walling Course - June 21st

Are you looking to acquire a new skill? Want to know how to repair walls on your land or in your garden? Or simply want to know more about these quintessential features of the Cotswold Landscape?

Pollinators & Predators - July 3rd

How can we encourage pollinators and natural predators in order to reduce pests and increase production? Understand the role of these insects and learn ways to manage and maintain habitats for these unsung heroes.

Animals Into Arable Rotations - July 4th 

Are you thinking of introducing livestock back into your arable rotation? Join us as we explore the options and find practical solutions.

Sainfoin & Lucerne Field Day - July 5th 

Join the Cotswold Seeds team to learn about Sainfoin and Lucerne and how they can benefit your farm.

Summer Fruit Tree Pruning - July 7th

Join Andy Howard of the Heritage Fruit Tree Co. to learn the theory, skills and practice of Summer Fruit Tree Pruning in order to increase productivity.

Small Scale Dairy Farming - July 11th

Join Hallam from the Dairyy at Honeydale and other small scale dairy producers to learn the joys and challenges of running a micro dairy.

Sustainability in the Food Sector - July 12th

How can the buyers of food support agroecological and regenerative farming systems and source more local, sustainable and nutritious produce?  Join the FarmED team and Julie Klein from Sustainable Kitchen Consultants to learn more about key issues, opportunities, labelling, sourcing strategies and menu planning. Ideal for home cooks and professional chefs, and all those involved hospitality, food service and supply chains. 

Wildflower Meadows & Margins - July 18th 

As well as looking appealing, wildflowers also have huge biodiversity and environmental benefits. Join us to find out how to select and establish the seed mixtures that best suit your land.

Facilitation and Leadership in Sustainable Farming and Food (Module Three - Project Management Skills) - July 19th 

Learn new individual, team and project management skills. Be effective and deliver more for our planet and communities.

Biodiversity Farm Walk & Lunch - July 21st

Explore the habitats at Honeydale Farm on a biodiversity themed farm walk, led by local ecologist, Katherine Holmes.

The Compost Clinic - July 27th 

Want to turn your food and garden waste into valuable compost? Can't decide which composting system suits your needs? Join us to learn about 3 popular types of composting and see which one would work best for you.

Sort Out Your Soil - August 2nd 

We are joined by Anton Rosenfield from Garden Organic, and the Cotswold Seeds team to show how green manures and cover crops can boost the fertility of your soil.

Self-Sufficient Leys Field Day - August 15th 

Learn how to use forage legumes to reduce reliance on nitrogen fertiliser.

Equine Grassland Management - September 12th 

Enhance you pasture management and increase species diversity to improve horse health and extend the grazing season.


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