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  • Catering for all types of stock.

    We can provide advice and mixtures for many different types of stock, from Sheep and Cattle, to Pigs, Horses, Chickens and Alpacas!

  • Martyn Hebson - Cumbria

    "Last year the first silage cut was taken in mid-May and by June it was ready to be cut again." - Mix used: Special Pochon Grazing Mixture

  • We're here to help

    For advice please call us on 01608 652552, or use the wealth of seed info on our site. We are always happy to offer our help, and happily create bespoke mixes.

  • Yeo Valley Farmers - Somerset

    "The drivers for change were the benefits of herbal leys in terms of soil improvement and nutrition for cows, anthelmintic properties and the benefits of herbs for mining minerals." - Mixes used: Herbal Grazing and Cutting Leys

  • Seed for all situations

    We also supply root crops, green manures and grass seed mixes for lawns, sports turf and landscaping projects. For those in ELS and HLS we provide crops that promote biodiversity and restore habitats.

  • Michael North - Oxfordshire

    "It worked very well, so we grew some more, and it's taken off from there." - Mix used: Two Year Ryegrass/Timothy Ley

  • Legumes and complex mixes

    We advocate the use of complex herbal mixes and traditional legumes such as white clover, lucerne and sainfoin, which benefit animal health and soil fertility.

  • Mr Edward Cook - Buckinghamshire

    "We get a lot fatter lambs straight off the grass" - Mixes used: Special Meadow Fescue/Timothy Ley, Dual Purpose Mix including Alsike Clover

  • Maximise Grass Production

    Our mixes can help dramatically reduce expenditure bought in feed by making the most of the latest plant breeding technology.

  • Philip Langton - Derbyshire

    " The Sward is as thick as an old pasture field. Quite Unbelievable." - Mixes used: Special Maximum D-Value with Clover and Over-seeding Longer Term

  • Welcome to Cotswold Seeds

    We believe that good grass and forage starts with good seed. Established in 1974, our knowledge has been gained working with over 8,000 farmers and growers.

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Controlling Annual Weeds in Spring Sown Leys

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1st Cut Silage - Getting the Job Done!

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Cotswold Seeds at Cereals

Cotswold Seeds at Cereals

Come at see us at Cereals to talk about livestock in the arable rotation and more. We're sharing a stand with the NSA.   

A Profile of Cotswold Seeds featured in Law & Land Magazine

A Profile of Cotswold Seeds featured in Law & Land Magazine

Securing the long term future of British farming “The UK is one of best countries in the world for mixed, sustainable…