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Soil Health Courses at FarmED

Starting next month, agroecological adviser Niels Corfield is leading three courses at FarmED about regenerative soil health - one for arable farmers, one for livestock farmers and graziers, and one for horticultural growers. Check out the videos below for a sneak preview of what's in store for each course.

Regenerative Soil Health for Graziers & Livestock - Starts August 31st


Do you want to be able to use regenerative grazing techniques to improve soil health for more balanced and productive pastures? Find out how and book your tickets:


Regenerative Soil Health for Horticultural Growers - Starts September 1st 

From large horticultural operations to market gardens, when soil health principles are followed, they bring real results: better soil structure, healthier crops, and more consistent yields. Find out more about this course and book your tickets:
Regenerative Soil Health for Arable Growers - Starts October 6th 
Would you like to be able to create healthy soils and resilient fields for arable crops while reducing reliance on inputs, even during droughts? If the answer is yes then make sure you book your tickets for this course: 


Date Posted: 21st July 2021


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