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Optimum spring planting for grass and forage crops

At spring approaches, we are asked most often is: when is the best time to plant grass leys? 

Here is a brief run down of optimum planting dates. Of course these will vary slightly depending on your location and local climate.


  • All ryegrass leys can go in from March
  • Get Westerwolds ryegrass in as early as possible to get a good crop this year
  • Get over-seeding done as early as possible before existing grass grows away and out-competes new seedlings.
  • From mid March plant mixtures containing slower growing grasses such as cocksfoot, timothy and fescues and those that include herbs and clovers


  • Any grass leys - including those with clovers - can be planted this month
  • Large legumes such as sainfoin, lucerne and vetches
  • Fodder brassicas after risk of serious frosts have passed. e.g. Turnips, swedes, rape, kale and hybrid rape/kale
  • Wild bird seed mixtures
  • Pollen and nectar mixtures
  • Wild flower seed mixtures
  • Lawn seeds


If you would like any more detailed advice, please give us a call.

Date Posted: 29th February 2012


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