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Moving into spring the grass starts growing again, and that's the time to start getting your lawn into shape for the summer.

If your lawn is looking a bit bare after the winter, overseeding will really help boost its appearance. This is a simple process:

  1. Rake or scarify the lawn to create some tilth (loose earth that the seed can establish in)
  2. Broadcast the seed
  3. Roll or tread the seed into the ground
  4. Mow 4-5 weeks after the seed has started to grow and when it is at least three inches tall

If your lawn is looking mossy or a bit thatched at its base then scarifying in late spring will really help healthy growth.  This process removes excess or dead material and can be done using a rake, or a scarifying machine.

Over the winter irregular grass growth, frost movement and worm and mole activity can all take their toll on the flat surface of a lawn.  If left with an irregular surface a lawn can become very difficult to mow.  Rolling in spring can really help improve this and make your lawn easier to look after over the summer.

A dressing of lawn fertiliser in spring will help the lawn grow well throughout the coming season, especially if your aim is a classic striped lawn.  If overseeding, do not add fertiliser until after the new grass has established as otherwise the existing grass will out-compete it. 

Date Posted: 4th March 2011


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