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A New Route to New Roots

Our Mycorrhizal Fungi (MF) trials are progressing well.

Earlier this year, we sought farmers willing to take part in trials of MF, sowing half their seeds with MF and half without.

Naturally occurring, MF can provide a higher yielding grass ley with increased robustness, better drought tolerance and better nutrient uptake. It’s particularly beneficial for legumes, but works on all plants to create a large secondary root system which will support them for their lifetime. Preliminary research on forage crops has shown its potential but there was a need to take it to farms to measure its effect on a field scale.

Pleasingly, farmers from all over the UK responded to our invitation and are now taking part in the trial. MF is granular so we were able to simply include it in their mix of seeds. The first soil samples and crops have now been received and have been sent to the lab for analysis.

We are eagerly awaiting the results.


Date Posted: 11th September 2015


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