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Sowing & Growing - Solar Parks

Suitable soils and optimum pH

These mixture will suit most soil types and can be sown on soils  with a pH down to 5.6, mixtures should be tailored to very dry or very wet suits in terms of species suitability. 

Sowing Rate

Sowing rates vary from 25 - 35kgs per ha.

When to Sow

Grass mixtures containing legumes should be sown into warm soils from April to September, mid summer sowings are not recommended in dry regions.

How to Sow

Mixtures should be shallow sown, especially if the mixture includes clover to a depth no deeper than 15mm. The surface mixtures can be shallow drilled or broadcast before the panels are installed (areas may need to be patched up after installation if damaged by machinery). Alternatively it can be sown between the rows of arrays after installation, issues can arise when trying to seed directly beneath the arrays.


More productive mixtures containing high levels of ryegrass may be grazed by sheep, lower yielding mixtures may be topped or mulched periodically several times a year to keep the sward height low.

Date Posted: 13th June 2019


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