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Spring Sunshine & Cotswold Seeds

The mixture of sunshine and rain has been bringing on a lot of crops…


  1. Second Year Hard Horse Hay 

Second year Hard Horse Hay mix enjoying some sunshine and starting to take up its early nitrogen. The Hard Horse Hay is a 2 year mixture, normally sown in the autumn. It will provide two haylage crops or a high quality hay crop. The hay sample is coarse and has been used in the racehorse market for many years.


  • Spring Sown Westerwold Hay Mix


Spring Sown Westerwold Hay Mix: The seedlings were glad to have a  drop of rain at the weekend.This mix will provide a full hay crop from a spring sowing (if making silage choose MIXQB). The Westerwold is proving a popular alternative to a spring cereal, rather than leaving fields fallow, to square up the rotation and get back to an autumn sown cereal later in the season.


  • Lucerne and grass stand - will be cut for haylage or hay


A Lucerne and grass stand which will be cut for haylage or hay. Lucerne can be a very useful, low input crop for dry, naturally alkaline land. It is used for silage, hay or haylage. Keep an eye on P & K levels as these can be depleted due to multiple cuts being taken each year.

Date Posted: 21st April 2020


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