About Milvus Red Clover

Posted: 12th June 2024

Milvus red clover is a European variety (developed in Switzerland. It has been bred from Matenklee cultivars, which has historically been bred for longevity and persistence. 


Most varieties of red clover tend to last  2-3 years in the sward. During selection for Milvus, high priority was set on increasing its persistence, proven to last 4+ years in the UK, and providing higher DM yields through its second year onwards. This, combined with good sward density and competitiveness, enables Milvus to provide high forage quality and yields. 


Milvus is a diploid (‘double-cut’) variety with good early growth development, therefore is competitive enough when in mixtures with higher performing ryegrass grass species. It is early flowering, coinciding with heading dates of Italian, hybrid and early perennial ryegrasses to maximise forage quality for conservation. 


During selection for Milvus, high priority was set on resistance to Sclerotinia rot, although it is more vulnerable to anthracnose and mildew. 


Milvus is uniquely distinguishable; it has well recognisable dark red stipules and produces many stems. Stem height at full development is short to medium, reducing the risk of winter damage and lodging.