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Yellow Trefoil/White Clover Intercrop Mixture 70% ORGANIC

Sowing rate: 3 kg per acre (7.5 kg/ha, 0.75 g/m²)

This mixture will fill the base of a main crop brassica or cereal without affecting its yield. It reduces weed competition, adds organic matter and fixes nitrogen. A mixture of species usually provides better results than just a single one. This is due to the different growth characteristics of each species throughout the life of the crop plus more reliable establishment. Yellow trefoil is a low growing annual which can be undersown into a cash crop in the spring, providing a vigorous green manure once the main crop is harvested. It tolerates shade and this makes it ideal for undersowing and suppressing weeds within an upstanding crop. Seed should be broadcast from mid March and before the host crop canopy closes in. Yellow trefoil can make available up to 125 kg N per hectare for the following crop. Trefoil can be sown into a range of crops including spring cereals, brassicas and maize. It rarely interferes with harvest as it grows low to the ground. (This can be sown on its own see right). White clover is a perennial plant with a similar low growing habit to yellow trefoil. It is slightly slower to establish but can get very strong in late summer when yellow trefoil slows. This strong growth can eliminate many weeds, especially if left in the ground for a second year.

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0.90kg (30%)
certified VIRGO PAJBJERG yellow trefoil
2.10kg (70%)
certified ALICE ORGANIC white clover
2.25 kg (30%)
certified VIRGO PAJBJERG yellow trefoil
5.25 kg (70%)
certified ALICE ORGANIC white clover
0.3 kg (30%)
certified VIRGO PAJBJERG yellow trefoil
0.7 kg (70%)
certified ALICE ORGANIC white clover
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