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Traditional Hay Maker - Long Term Hay Ley


This traditional hay meadow mix is very long lasting, although slower to establish than a straight ryegrass ley, it will go on to provide good quality, bulky hay crops with low disease levels for many years. Once cut it can be used for aftermath grazing.A small quantity of Sweet Vernal Grass can be included per acre to give the hay sample a sweet smell or 'good nose'.

Persistence (0-10 Years)
Yield (0-20 T DM/Ha)
Grazing Suitability (1-5)
Cutting Suitability (1-5)

Contents per Acre%kg
certified BOYNE perennial ryegrass38.55.000
certified PARDUS meadow fescue38.55.000
certified COMER timothy23.13.000
Units AcHaKg

£81.40 / Acre

Sowing rate: 13.0kg/acre (32.5kg/ha)

Choose additions
Red Clover (1 Kg) £10.90/Acre
More InfoAdd red clover to your mix to increase nitrogen fixation and yield, and to diversify your clover content
Bottom Grass (2 Kg) £11.10/Acre
More InfoThe addition of ‘bottom’ or ‘grazing-type’ ryegrass can help to fill out the sward in more upright, open leys.
Herbs Mixture (0.5 Kg) £9.33/Acre
More InfoThis mixture has been designed to be added to long term pasture mixtures and provides minerals and trace elements
Italian ryegrass 2yr cover crop (3 Kg) £9.45/Acre
More InfoAdd Italian ryegrass to improve yields for the first 2-3 years of your ley, and act as a nurse for other developing species
White clover (1 Kg) £18.50/Acre
More InfoN Fixer. A low-growing clover for undersowing, N fixation and weed suppression. Very common in forage mixtures with grasses and commonly mixed with yellow trefoil for soil improvement. Sow between March and September.
Sweet vernal grass (0.1 Kg) £6.85/Acre
More InfoAdd sweet vernal grass to create a softer, sweeter smelling meadow hay
Minimum order 1 acre

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Meadow Fescue

One of the larger fescues this is a valuable grazing grass which can also be made into hay. Recent thinking has altered the Latin so that the flat leaved fescues (meadow fescue and tall fescue) have been given their own genus, separate from the finer leaved fescues.

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Perennial Ryegrass

Perennial ryegrass is the most commonly grown productive grass in the UK, used particularly for livestock grazing and forage. It has been the subject of plant breeding for over 60 years, ensuring there are a wide range of perennial ryegrass varieties available commercially.

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Possibly the most important and flexible grass species which is used both environmentally and agriculturally. It is a very common species found in pasture throughout the UK. It retains its verdure longer than most grasses and although similar to smaller cats tail, it is larger in size with wider leaves and a longer spike like panicle.

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