Seed & Shelter Millet Mix

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Combining red and white millet for a wider window of seed production and reed millet to provide cover. This mixture can be used on its own or broadcast after maize sowing to thicken up flushing points.

Persistence (0-10 Years)

Contents per Acre%kg
white millet75.06.000
certifed Shorty dwarf sorghum25.02.000
Units AcHaKg

£31.22 / Acre

Sowing rate: 8.0kg/acre (20.0kg/ha)

Minimum order 1 acre

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C4 Plants

Dwarf Sorghum

Although it is grown around the world for grain and as a fodder source, in the Uk sorghum is generally used as game bird cover. Dwarf sorghum is a short, stocky type of sorghum, designed to remain strong and upright throughout the shooting season.

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C4 Plants

White Millet

White millet is a warm season, cultivated grass species. It has been grown for centuries for it seed, as a forage and human consumption. In the UK it is generally used as a game cover component, or in a winter bird food mixture to provide food during the hungry gap, when natural resources are exhausted.

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