Maincrop / Hardy Turnip


This is the hardier type of turnip which requires 20 weeks growth and is suitable for grazing late into the winter. Hardy turnips yield around a third more than stubble turnips.

Persistence (0-10 Years)
Yield (0-20 T DM/Ha)
Grazing Suitability (1-5)

£11.60 / Kg

Sowing rate: 2.0kg/acre (5.0kg/ha)

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Hardy / Maincrop Turnip

Main crop turnips are one of the most winter hardy forage brassica species, they are commonly also known as hardy turnip. They allow livestock, usually sheep or cattle to be grazed later into the winter or early into the spring. Other less winter hardy species may have been adversely affected by frost, causing them to go soft and spoil in the ground.

Hardy / Maincrop Turnip Species Guide