Carbon Mustard / Kale Hybrid (Brassica napus)


A great crop for producing cover in a short space of time, normally sown in June or July for winter cover, from autumn onwards. It combines the rapid establishment of Mustard with the winter hardiness of Kale.It is a newer variety from the same plant breeder as Utopia.

Persistence (0-10 Years)

£40.00 / Kg

Sowing rate: 2.0kg/acre (5.0kg/ha)

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Mustard/Kale Hybrid

This is a hybrid species combining the parentage of the kale and mustard plants. The mustard part of the parentage ensures the plant is quick growing with rapid establishment, along with the more frost tolerant genes of the kale plant. A successful mustard x kale hybrid variety has been Utopia, A more recent addition is the variety Carbon, from the same breeder.

Mustard/Kale Hybrid Species Guide