Vegetative Growth
Flowering Plant

Kale/Rape Hybrid


(Brassica napus)

This is a hybrid or cross of two separate brassica parent plants, the kale plant and forage rape. The resulting hybrid has the quick speed of establishment of forage rape and the winter hardiness of kale. There are several varieties available on the market. We generally stock the variety Redstart, however Swift is a sister variety with similar attributes.


Used as clean grazing and high protein crop, ideal for fattening and finishing animals. Also very important as a break crop between grass to grass reseeds.


An annual species.


The rape and kale hybrid provides high protein forage and is ideal for winter grazing, since it’s fast-growing, vigorous and winter hardy. These crops typically take 10 to 12 weeks to mature from sowing, which makes them flexible to slot into the rotation. They’re an economic forage, sown at low rates, but still providing bulky yields. A useful break crop for arable rotations, encouraging the return of manure to hungry arable land. An important break crop between grass reseeds to reduce pests and disease, which is particularly important with the withdrawal of key insecticides.

Frost Tolerance

Good frost tolerance late into the season.


6 - 8t DM per ha.

Sowing Rate Advice

3kg per acre / 7.5kg per ha.

Often sown as a pure stand.

Ideal Sowing Time

A quick growing annual, it can slot into the rotation from April to late August.


Strip grazing will cut down on wastage in the field. If the plant crown is not grazed severely and damaged, good regrowth results can be achieved for a second grazing.

Distinguishing characteristics


A small, rounded seed which is a dark brown to black colour. It has a dull, matt type texture and is 2mm in size.


The seedling produces two cotyledons, these are a rounded kidney shape and broader than they are long. The first true leaf has a prominent mid vein and a toothed to lobed margin.

Vegetative State

Flowering Plant

Flowering Plant
A leafy green plant, often mealy to the touch. Leaves have a very prominent mid rib, with angular toothed margins. A shallow rooting species.

Additional Info

Average protein content 18 - 20%. Growth Period 12 weeks.

Works well with

Can be sown with Italian ryegrass to form a base to the crop.

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