Vegetative Growth
Flowering Plant

Red Fescue / Chewings Fescue


(Festuca rubra commutata)

Also known as chewings fescue, this is a fine leaved, tufted grass. It is distinguished from creeping red fescue by its absence of creeping rhizomes. It remains dark green throughout most of the season.


This is generally used in the amenity sector for lawn and landscape projects.


A perennial species


It forms a dense turf and is one of the main species used with bentgrass to form lawns but offers little forage benefits. Unlike other similar species, red fescue does not have the aggressive creeping habit of creeping red fescue. This means that it has less of a smothering effect in delicate mixtures.

Frost Tolerance

Good frost tolerance.


Not often sown as a pure stand

Sowing Rate Advice

80kg per acre / 200kg per ha

Mixture Sowing Rate Advice

Include at 1-3 kgs per acre / 2.5 - 7.5kgs per ha

Helps to fill in the base of the sward, especially in and around wild flowers, without taking over.

Ideal Sowing Time

Sow in warm soils, with adequate moisture.


Occasional grazing or cutting will keep the plant leafy, a lack of management may cause it to become wiry and coarse, potentially being rejected by grazing livestock.

Distinguishing characteristics


A thin, narrow seed, with blunt points at either end. It is beige in colour, with a smooth texture. It is 5mm in length.

Vegetative State

Flowering Plant

Flowering Plant
The culms form tufts, one of the most definitive characteristics is the young shoots growing upwards within the leaf sheaths The ligule is extremely short. Much less obvious creeping rhizomes, occasionally some surface runners. It grows from 15 - 80 cm tall.

Additional Info

Flowering from May - July. Average seeds per kg - 1,000,000 In traditional meadows red fescue can keep its green cover well when being cut and dried for hay.

Works well with

Other traditional, reasonably non aggressive grasses, like bentgrass, smaller cats tail and smooth meadow grass.

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