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Cutting A Wild Flower Meadow Without Machinery

Farmers do not need to be told how to mow their meadows but those without proper machinery will need to establish a plan of action.

Wild flower meadows become quite tall and bulky when they flower and this presents a problem for those with limited access to agricultural machinery. However, it is possible to mow with one or two essential bits of equipment.

Firstly, a mower will be needed to cut the grass. Most lawnmowers are simply not robust enough to do the job and will get blocked up on the first pass. What is required is an ‘Allen’ sythe. There are other makes available and all do a similar job. These machines have a petrol engine and can be bought or hired. They are easy to use and have a reciprocating knife blade which cuts all vegetation just above ground level. Once cut the grass is then raked up and taken away. This leaves a stubble which can then be mown close with a rotary mower to tidy up the sward.


Author: Ian Wilkinson MD Cotswold Seeds
Date Posted: 30th March 2017


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