Vegetative Growth
Flowering Plant

Rough Stalked Meadow Grass


(Poa trivialis L.)

Rough stalk meadow grass is a very common species throughout the UK and Europe. It can be found in lowland pastures, river meadows and waste ground. Recognisable from its tufted habit and erect culms. It is generally leafy towards the base, and will fill out the bottom of the sward as it tolerates partial shading.


Historically it was used as a bottom grass in grazing mixtures, more recently it may be used as part of a traditional meadow mixture or wetland mixture.


This species is able to regenerate from seed and shoot fragments if it is disturbed mechanically, this means that it persists well, often quickly recolonising cultivated ground.


Adaptable to most soils, and reasonably palatable to livestock, it can sit at the base of a sward and tolerate some shading.

Frost Tolerance

Frost tolerance

Sowing Rate Advice

60kg per acre / 150kg per ha

Not usually sown as a pure stand

Mixture Sowing Rate Advice

0.5 - 1kg per acre / 1.25kg - 2.5kg per ha

Usually included in small quantities in mixtures.

Ideal Sowing Time

Generally sowing in warm soils with adequate moisture from May to September, will give a quick and reliable germination.

Distinguishing characteristics


This is a narrow, ovate to oblong shaped seed. It has a beige to light amber colour and is 2mm in length. Fractionally smaller than rough stalk meadow grass.

Vegetative State

Flowering Plant

Flowering Plant
This species has a tufted habit with erect culms. The leaves are flat with a shiny, glossy underside, running to a hooded, boat shaped tip. The leaf sheaths are often rough to the touch, unlike Smooth Stalk Meadow Grass. Ligules can be long and jagged, from 4 - 10mm in length. The panicles are pyramidal and loose, each branch has 4 - 6 spikelets. This species has a creeping rootstock, it can often root at the nodes, creating leafy stolons. It will reach 20-60 cm in height.

Additional Info

Flowers June - July

Works well with

It can be used with other heavy land or wet ground species for long term pasture swards, such as Timothy, meadow fescue and meadow foxtail.

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